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AAVR - Automated Annual Verification of Member Renewal AAVS - American Anti-Vivisection Society AAVT - Association des Artistes Vietnamiens ?

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lt AAHZ - meaning unknown AAIA - air accident investigation agency AAIB - Air Accident Investigation Branch AAIC - American Agricultural Insurance Company AAID - Accredited Advisor in Insurance designation AAIE - Association for the Advancement of International Education AAIF - Arab American Institute Foundation AAIG - Albanian Artificial Intelligence Group AAIH - American Association for Industrial Hygiene AAII - American Association of Individual Investors AAIK - Aust-Agder Idrettskrets AAIL - Advanced Analysis & Integration Limited AAIM - Active Asset Investment Management AAIN - African American Information Network AAIO - Association of Asian Indians in Ophthalmology AAIP - Approaches and Applications of Inductive Programming AAIQ - Asociaci? micos AAIR - Australasian Association for Institutional Research AAIS - Association of Archaeological Illustrators and Surveyors AAIT - Atlanta Association of Interpreters and Translators AAIU - Air Accident Investigation Unit AAIV - Asian American Inter Varsity AAIW - Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week AAIY - AAJA - Asian American Journalists Association AAJB - Associa?? nico AAJC - African American Jazz Caucus AAJD - ALL ABOUT JOHN DEEREAAJE - American Academy of Judicial Education AAJF - Asian American Jazz Festival AAJG - Artificial Arts and Jolly Graphics - nl AAJH - Ahmed Abubaker Janahi Holdings AAJI - Asosiasi Asuransi Jiwa Indonesia AAJJ - American Aiki Ju Jitsu AAJK - Americans Against John Kerry AAJL - Association des Amis de Jacques Lacan AAJM - Association of Albanian Journalists Magazine AAJO - Asian American Jazz Orchestra AAJP - Arab American Justice Project AAJQ - Assignment And Justification Questionnaire AAJR - American Association of Jewish Research AAJS - Australian Association of Jewish Studies AAJT - Association d'' Aide aux Jeunes Travailleurs AAJU - All Assam Journalists'' Union AAJV - Accolades Apartments Joint Venture AAJW - adiabatic approximation to the Johnson and Wilson AAJX - nl meaning unknown AAJY - com meaning unknown AAJZ - Agrupaci? venes de Zaragoza AAKA - algerie amazigh kabylie actualite AAKB - Athas Apostle Kowal and Bridge AAKC - Anesthesia Associates of Kansas City AAKD - Arthur Ashe Kids'' Day AAKE - popular Scandinavian male name AAKF - American Amateur Karate Federation AAKG - Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate AAKH - Altes Allgemeines Krankenhaus AAKI - architects - - com meaning unknown AAKK - ?

lesund Kameraklubb AAKL - Ashland ACT Korea Ltd AAKM - Alevitisches Kulturzentrum AAKN - Anders Agerb? ller Nielsen AAKO - Dutch chemical company - nl - name origin unknown AAKP - American Association of Kidney Patients AAKQ - Association d'' Aikibudo et de Kobudo du Qu?

o Brasileira de Treinadores de Futebol ABTG - Associa?? bestrijdingsdienst Zuid Nederland ABZS - Abzymes ABZU - fresh water from underground aquifers that was given a religious quality in Sumerian and Akkadian mythology - en.wiki Abzu ABZV - Adviesbureau Zorg Vastgoed - nl ABZW - Abzweigstelle ABZY - Music artist name -

abzy-sending-you-my-love-final-mix AC Number of ACs found: 571 (84%) ACAA - Atlantic Colleges Athletic Association ACAB - Association of Community Access Broadcasters ACAC - Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference ACAD - Alberta College of Art and Design ACAE - Accreditation Commission for Audiology Education ACAF - Asphalt Contractors Association of Florida ACAG - Anglian Coastal Authorities Group ACAH - American Consumers for Affordable Housing ACAI - Associazione Cristiana Artigiani Italiani ACAJ - ACAK - Associa??

rzea AACW - Appalachian Alliance for Computers and Writing AACX - Alaska Division of Agriculture AACY - All American City YMCAAACZ - Akademischer Alpen-Club Z? rich AAHA - American Animal Hospital Association AAHB - American Academy of Health Behavior AAHC - American Association of Healthcare Consultants AAHD - American Association on Health and Disability AAHE - American Association for Health Education AAHF - Army Aviation Heritage Foundation AAHG - All American Hot Dog Gang AAHH - African American Heritage Hymnal AAHI - American Association of Home Inspectors AAHJ - l'' Association Arch?

Niederhausbergen AAEO - Affirmative Action & Equal Opportunity AAEP - American Association of Equine Practitoners AAEQ - Anthropology and Education Quarterly AAER - Association for the Advancement of Educational Research AAES - Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station AAET - Astrological Association of East Tennessee AAEU - Arab American e University System AAEV - Aldinga Arts Eco Village AAEW - ? ves de Yabn AAEZ - Al Ain Educational Zone AAFA - Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America AAFB - Association pour la Formation de la Biochimie et de la Biologie AAFC - Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada AAFD - African Americans for Democracy AAFE - Asian Americans For Equality AAFF - American Archives of the Factual Film AAFG - Acetic Acid Food Grade AAFH - Academy of American Franciscan History AAFI - Australians Against Further Immigration AAFJ - Association Amicale Franco-Japonaise AAFK - Aalesunds Fotballklubb - Klubben AAFL - Australian Alpaca Fleece Ltd AAFM - American Academy of Financial Management AAFN - Association of Alumni and Friends of NACURHAAFO - All Aviation Flightline Online AAFP - American Academy of Family Practice AAFQ - Amateur Astronomers Federation of Quebec AAFR - Architetti Associati Flabiano-Rossi AAFS - American Academy of Forensic Science AAFT - Alliance Against Fraud in Telemarketing AAFU - Association des anciens fonctionnaires de l'' UNESCOAAFV - Association d'' Amities Franco Vietnamienne AAFW - Arizona Association of Fine Woodworkers AAFX - Al\''s Art FX - - Australians Against Further Immigration AAFZ - unknown - com AAGA - Africa Assemblies of God Alliance AAGB - Association des amis de Gaston Bachelard AAGC - Agrupaci? rhus Grundejerforening AAGG - African American Genealogy Group AAGH - Accord Appraisals Granada Hills AAGI - Activation Analysis Group Inc AAGJ - Asociaci? n-AAGK - Apartment Association of Greater Knoxville AAGL - American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists AAGM - Asociaci? a AAGN - Afro America GLOSS News AAGO - Associate of the American Guild of Organists AAGP - American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry AAGQ - Ask A Geology Question AAGR - Associate of Arts degree General Requirements AAGS - African-American Genealogical Society AAGT - Austin Association for the Gifted and Talented AAGU - Auto AG Uri AAGV - Ausbildungsakademiegesetz Verbrauchergesundheit AAGW - Association of Albanian Girls and Women AAGX - com meaning unknown AAGY - Add AGenc Y file access AAGZ - Akademische Aviatikgruppe Z?

e de la Marine AAMN - American Assembly for Men in Nursing AAMO - Asian Association of Management Organization AAMP - American Association of Meat Processors AAMQ - geocode for America en.wiki User: Tobias_Conradi Free_geocodes AAMR - Asociaci?

n Argentina de Medicina Respiratoria AAMS - Association of Air Medical Services AAMT - American Association for Medical Transcription AAMU - Alabama A M University AAMV - American Association for Museum Volunteers AAMW - Ask About Medicines Website AAMX - Aceto Acet M Xylidide AAMY - AIESEC Alumni Malaysia AAMZ - Arsenal Artilleria de Marina Zarate AANA - American Association of Nurse Anesthetists AANB - Abigail Adams National Bancorp AANC - American Association of Nutritional Consultants AAND - Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development AANE - Asperger''s Association of New England AANF - Assyrian American National Federation AANG - African-American Network Group AANH - Aviation Association of New Hampshire AANI - Animal Advocacy Network of Indiana AANJ - Art Administrators of New Jersey AANK - Amulet: Ankh Sword AANL - Atti Acad Naz Lincei AANM - Apartment Association of New Mexico AANN - Asset Allocation Neural Network AANO - Albanian American National Organization AANP - Alberta Association Naturopathic Practictioners AANQ - geocode for North America en.wiki User: Tobias_Conradi Free_geocodes AANR - American Association for Nude Recreation [com]AANS - Australian Army Nursing Service AANT - Amino Acid Nucleotide AANU - Asociaci?

d'' Actors i Actrius Professionals Valencians AAPW - Academic Associates Peace Works AAPY - American Association of Professors of Yiddish AAQA - Association for the Advancement of Quality Awareness AAQB - African American Quilters of Baltimore AAQC - Ambient Air Quality Criteria AAQD - Analysis and Air Quality Division AAQE - geocode for Eastern hemisphere en.wiki User: Tobias_Conradi Free_geocodes AAQF - Army and Air Force animal Quarantine Facility AAQG - Americas Aerospace Quality Group AAQH - l? ricaine de Quarter Horse AAQI - geocode for all islands en.wiki User: Tobias_Conradi Free_geocodes AAQL - Atmospheric Air Quality Laboratory AAQM - Ambient Air Quality Monitoring AAQN - geocode for Northern Hemisphere en.wiki User: Tobias_Conradi Free_geocodes AAQO - geocode for all oceans en.wiki User: Tobias_Conradi Free_geocodes AAQP - AAQQ - geocode for entire planet en.wiki User: Tobias_Conradi Free_geocodes AAQR - Average Appearance Quality Rating AAQS - geocode for Southern hemisphere en.wiki User: Tobias_Conradi Free_geocodes AAQT - geocode for tropical zone en.wiki User: Tobias_Conradi Free_geocodes AAQU - index.php?

p=community_profil&navn=AAQU name origin unknown AAQV - microchip ID stockes-AAQV-1name origin unknown AAQW - geocode for Western hemisphere en.wiki User: Tobias_Conradi Free_geocodes AAQX - de German erotic shop AAQY - SHDONG ZIBO HEDE AAQY CO.

ADQP - Antlerless Deer Quota Program ADQR - ADQS - Allied Domecq Quick Service ADQW - Asymmetric Double Quantum Well ADRA - Adventist Development Relief Agency ADRB - Army Discharge Review Board ADRC - Adroit Data Recovery Centre ADRD - Alzheimer Disease or Related Disorders ADRE - Arizona Department of Real Estate ADRF - Asian Development Research Forum ADRG - Arc Digitized Raster Graphics ADRH - Amgylchedd Dysgu Rhithwir ADRI - Alternative Dispute Resolution ADRJ - Australian Dispute Resolution Journal ADRK - Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler Klub ADRL - American Drag Racing League ADRM - Applied Data Resource Management ADRN - Alternative Dispute Resolution ADRO - Adaptive Dynamic Range Optimization ADRP - Autosomal Dominant Retinitis Pigmentosa ADRR - Access Dispute Resolution Rules ADRS - American Depository Receipts ADRT - Agricultural Development and Rural Transformation ADRU - Ageing and Disability Research Unit ADRV - Allgemeiner Deutscher Rassehunde Verband ADRW - Annular Deformation Resistance Welding ADRX - ADSA - Automatic Dependent Surveillance Addressed ADSB - Algoma District School Board ADSC - Adobe Document Structuring Conventions ADSD - Australian Defence Signals Directorate ADSE - Advanced Diploma in Software Engineering ADSF - Automatic Directional Solidification Furnace ADSG - American Diabetic Support Group ADSH - ADSL - asymmetrical digital subscriber line ADSM - Abu Dhabi Securities Market ADSN - Assurance in Distributed Systems and Networks ADSO - Active Duty Service Obligations ADSP - Audio Digital Signal Processing ADSQ - Aggregated Daily Standby Quantity ADSR - Attack Decay Sustain Release ADSS - All Dielectric Self Supporting ADST - Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training ADSU - Attack Decay Sustain ADSV - Allgemeine Deutsche Sprachverein ADSW - Active Duty Special Work ADSX - ADSZ - ARPZ and Departure Safety Zones ADTA - Australian Driver Trainers Association ADTB - Academy of Dog Training and Behaviour ADTC - Auto Desk Training Centre ADTD - ASUS Dynamic Thermal Dissipation ADTE - Aeronautics Design and Test Environment ADTF - ACR Decrease Time Factor ADTG - Advanced Data Tablegram ADTH - Atlantis Deepwater Technology Holding ADTI - Alexis De Tocqueville Institution ADTJ - Anti Discrimination Training for Judges ADTK - ADTL - Advanced Database Technology Lab ADTM - American Discovery Trail Marathon ADTN - American Dog Trainers Network ADTO - Australian Doctors Trained Overseas ADTP - Australian Divorce Transition Project ADTQ - Anti Discrimination Tribunal Queensland ADTR - American Dance Therapy ADTS - Active Data Transfer Switch ADTT - Accelerator Driven Transmutation Technologies ADTU - Auxiliary Data Transfer Unit ADTV - Allgemeiner Deutscher Tanzlehrer Verband ADTW - Accelerator Driven Transmutation of Waste ADTX - ADVF - Asbestos Demolition Verification Form ADVH - American Dream Vacation Homes ADVI - Aid to Disabled Veterans of Israel ADVM - Acoustic Doppler Velocity Meters ADVN - Atopic Dermatitis and Vaccinia Network ADVO - Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders ADVP - Adult Developmental Vocational Program ADVQ - ADVR - Airborne Digital Video Recorder ADVS - Associazione Donatori Volontari Sangue ADVT - ADVan Tage ADVV - AGENCE DE VOS VILLAGESADVY - Akademi Desain Visi Yogyakarta ADVZ - Algemene Danssport Vereniging Zeeland ADWA - African Descendants with Albinism ADWB - ADWC - Air Defense Weapons Center ADWD - Andreas Dorsch Web Design ADWE - Arkansas Department of Workforce Education ADWF - Average Dry Weather Flows ADWG - Australian Drinking Water Guidelines ADWH - American Discount Web Hosting ADWI - Abandoned Dug Wells of Illinois ADWJ - Atlanta Daily World Journalist ADWL - Advanced Diet Weight Loss ADWM - Arizona Department of Weights and Measures ADWN - Air Defense Warning Network ADWP - Associate Director for Weapons Physics ADWQ - Available Daily Withdrawal Quantity ADWR - code for tanning colour sapphire - Automated Digital Weather Switch ADWT - Advanced Digital Weighing Technology ADWU - Adolescent Drug Withdrawal Unit ADWW - Allied Domecq World Wines ADWY - Active Dried Wine Yeast ADXD - ADXF - Accelerator Description Exchange Format ADXG - Ascension DX Group ADXH - code for tanning colour: winter white - Analog device listing PFRC - Peterborough Family Resource Centre ADYA - ADYB - Recombinant Adenovirus Vector - articlerender.fcgi? et de Liaison [ - Anonyme Foreldre Av Mobbeofre AFAN - Association for Astrological Networking [org]AFAO - Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations [org.au]AFAP - Attenuated familial adenomatous polyposis AFAQ - L'' Association Francais pour L'' Assurance de la Qualitie AFAR - American Federation for Aging Research AFAS - L'' Association Fran?

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