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This seducing attempt can be tried by both guys/gals by changing the character.

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Then I said I will tell only to you and promise me that you will not tell anyone regarding this. I then slowly said that I had pain in my balls so only I went to doctor. There I developed my story with a big hospital of that location. Actually i wanted her to take time and think about my need. The weekend came, She told me that we will go for one movie... I was somewhat happy as my full plan was not successful. Both can seduce anyone, just replace the characters.

I also added that this pain is not all of sudden but was from last month because of which am not able to come to college and also not able to sleep properly. She said oh my god, what happened- why all of sudden-did you fall somewhere- did u got hit somewhere. I said I went to doctor and waited for a while, my turn came, then I went in. I smartly replied that, I thought nurse is coming to give some injection and lied down without lowering my pant. ha ha.story dint stopped here..i said her that i dint allow the nurse to do that.... Then I said to the nurse l am leaving i dont want treatment. After dinner she again called me, after some formal talk about dinner and all she opened the same topic by asking.. I said , the same ...added.., Hope today also ill not get sleep.. She said you could have taken treatment from the nurse itself... I dont know who she is, how can I open and show my DAASH to her. again I said no because that was new movie and i know more crowd will be there. If i had implemented this plan in her home or my home, we would have had a complete sex. I wanted to share this story as this plan may help you in seducing anyone your friend, your girlfriend, your sister, your mother, your maid or any other person you like.

We all family members were to go for a movie on Sunday and I knew I could make it! He put his leg near mine and started to rub the foot on my leg. I had to fold my legs so that Sunil wont see the movement here. Similarly I too placed my hand on his thigh and started to rub my palm. I was breathing fast now and Sunil asked me what was the matter. Finally he managed to trace my choot and he rubbed it all along the slit. This was the first time I talked to my FIL and I think I was coming out of the guilt, which was in my mind. That night I had vigorous sex with my husband, with him fucking me from behind. My FIL was a bit serious today, at least I felt it. But to tell you the truth, I liked to watch him while he rubbed his lund below the lungi. I watched his hand move up and down fisting his lund. I had just touched it in the theater but now I was looking at it.

Then one day I had a chance to be with him officially. I slowly widened my legs so that my thighs touched those of my FIL. FIL took his hand off and then his hand rested on my thigh. Now my husband moved a little and he caught my hand. As soon as the lights went off his hand strolled to my blouse. His hand found the center of my thighs and he caressed every inch his hand touched. After everybody went out I went to my room and sat on the chair, facing the living room. He saw that I removed the sari and he in turn lifted the lungi and exposed his strong hard lund. It was very big, about 8 inches long and thick too.

She suddenly asked breaking my silence what happened what doctor said. She asked what happened.....please tell did you masturbated... I in a very low voice said that ya doctor told me to go I opened my Zip and my Pant.... I said, the doctor explained me that since I have never masturbated in my life, the ejection of sperm is difficult so you need to get into sex mood and then only you can feel the erection. The show started, I was just physically present but my mind was thinking how to start, after around 30 min of the movie Reshma turned towards me and asked why are you sitting silent. She said somehow start let this problem get solved today itself. She too became hot and was not able to avoid what I was doing. Hope she was not not happy as i was satisfied and she is not yet satisfied.

I said that the doctor asked me few questions for which I replied. I said that he asked whether I am virgin, when I masturbated last time. The doctor directed me to the bathroom and told to try masturbating and then come back. My naughty mind laughed out loud Ha ha...i was silent .... then penis and rubbed slowly as the doctor told me to do. She asked me did some liquid come out after rubbing. He told me to wait in the inspection room inside and made a call somewhere...after about 5 minutes he came and said me to lower my trousers and lye on the bed, a nurse will come now.... In the theatre darkness I unzipped my pant and wipped out the existing fluid which was already present on my hard cock Penis tip. Now my my bare buttock was kissing the theatre seat. Where she got my hand and said still you dint get mood. She gave faster strokes i too was enjoying ...after some time at last came my planned fluid.

I noticed that the day I am absent from the college without informing her she used to start a war that evening for not coming to college. She said she wants to know the reason today itself. I said, you are the only girl known to me so asked, ok sorry...sorry for asking. She then said, sorry I cant do..i dont know what to do... I now started planning how to seduce her more to bring her from masturbation to sex.

As per my plan the day started, I stopped speaking to her in phone properly for few days, Reshma asked me what happened why i am not speaking properly now a days. After two three days I started saying her that am not able to speak and hanged up the call. I thought this was the time and as per my plan I told her that I went to doctor so only dint come to college(actually i went to one movie). Its paining a lot and i have shared this problem only to you so only asked am sorry if am wrong.. I suddenly broke out and said I know what to be done you just follow what I say.... But my entire additional plan suddenly flopped next day.

She asked me why I went to hospital what happened to me with shivering voice. She said that her parents will be at home weekend and there is no chance for doing that at her home. She then asked how about doing that in a theatre in the darkness.... plz mail me to my id(raja.raja05 at yahoo dot com) .

I said I cant say said but Reshma was asking again nd again. I dont have any girl friend otherwise would have told her to do but i dont have.... I said shall I call you later, she agreed and I hanged on the call. I disagreed with her idea as I will not able to enjoy her completely after a long plan and discussion to satisfy myself for the weekend I agreed. Or even if anyone wants to break my virginity or want to have safe sex can mail me.

Read this story carefully, even you can try this attempt and get someone to your bed.

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