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"High-profile people don't want the world to know they're using a service for this particular function.

This is why her service works for people like me, because they understand the sensitivity of dealing with the high-net-worth individual." The CEO says it's difficult to find women who are not only attractive, but who also have good educations and similar cultural interests — and who aren't intimidated by high-powered people.

She also charges men only, but offers unlimited introductions. "Patti's been saying she's coming to Chicago for years," she replies.

An experience as a client at a local dating service made a bad impression on her: the matches were random, the service poor.

In 2000 she bought Selective Search Inc., a more or less idle local matchmaking firm, and reinvented it. Her company has $3 million in revenue and has grown 10 percent each of the past three years, she says. Adler advertises in the alumni magazines of "all the Ivy League schools," as well as in city magazines in her 10 markets. (But) let's say you and I met each other's criteria, but one of us made a terrible dating faux pas that night." And, of course, there's every matchmaker's nagging problem: You can't manufacture chemistry.

But that and the occasional Hallmarkian statement — "Everyone dies, but not everyone lives" — are among her few lapses into sappiness. Adler stresses that the men she works with (average age: 42) must be seeking long-term relationships; a private investigator checks their backgrounds.

Women are interviewed before being included in the database. Blond and husky-voiced, with chutzpah to burn, Adler spends her days debriefing clients, working contacts and meeting with prospects. Selective Search typically works with about 75 men at a time, with Adler personally handling a select group of five for fees up to $100,000.

There’s a lot of free information about Circular Dating on the catalog page for “Targeting” – so feel free to go there and read…

Barbie Adler, CEO of Selective Search Inc., has a reputation as Chicago's elite matchmaking queen. Do they partner off and move to hermetically sealed mansions?

She's in talks with a West Coast talent agency and was recently in L. Her goal is to have a presence in 70 markets nationwide in the next three years. "I believe in Barbie," says Patti Feinstein, a longtime Chicago dating coach. "People who go to her have a list of this perfect person. "Even if you go in with the list of things you want, will you be attracted to the person? Adler met her current boyfriend, who's 38, randomly, at the airport.

She says it would be great if everybody could meet in such an unplanned way, but reality does not support that.

"A lot of the men we work with haven't focused on their personal life until later because they've had their nose to the grindstone trying to excel professionally," she says.

"Our clients have no problem getting a date, but they're not going to bars or clubs, and they're too private to go online.

Crain's asked Adler, 34, to provide names of clients, and a handful of high-ranking executives and politicos — all of whom insisted on anonymity — adamantly vouched for her service, which charges men ,000 or more to find them 12 matches over a year.

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