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- plural) – illegally writing with paint on public walls guide (N) – a person who shows visitors points of interest and answers questions the head-pounding action of woodpeckers against trees or telephone poles to be 1,000 times the force of gravity.

A human is able to survive a g-force of 46 times the force of gravity.

"The wood pecker's brain is surrounded by thick, plate-like spongy bone.

At a microscopic level, woodpeckers have a mesh-like structure in the bone that makes up a spongy bone plate.

So many people visited that they have worn down the stairs and dirtied the walls by touching them.

Others have written on the walls (graffiti) and left marks in the stone.

Masons have filled and sealed the cracks in the stone.

Over a million tourists have visited the Tower of Pisa in the past year.² for a while (PP) – can be understood in two ways: (1) having some amount of duration, or A verb aspect that expresses action as having been begun and terminated in an instant. A verb aspect that expresses action as complete— or implies that it is so. A verb aspect formed with a be-verb plus the main verb's present participle showing that an action or state —past, present, or future— was, is or will be unfinished at the time referred to.(Garner 883) – designates an event or state of affairs which is in progress, or continuing, as the time indicated by the rest of the verb phrase [BE ING] Particular verbs, activities and physical events occur more commonly in the progressive ( (Biber 6.3) Workers have been trying to decrease the lean of Tower of Pisa.For example, a 12 pound object undergoing a g-force of 2g experiences 24 pounds of force.Stuck on a Guangzhou layover at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (CAN) in China?expresses that an activity or situation occurred at an unspecified time in the past and is completed. These adverbs express duration (a period of time) or repetition (the interval of occurrence).

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