Wpf label content not updating are kiyomi and lauren still dating

I kinda thought thats what the XAML was suppose to do, but seeing how it is always null, apparently it's not.For some reason the label only gets updated to "Done" after the execute Long Task() method is completed.The other issue is what ever is in the que would execute directly to the ui.

The best solution so far is an Extension method which calls the invoke of the control.

Also I've tried avoid passing the data for the label through my event classes and simply invoking within my processing code, however this made no difference.

It's not working and i'm not sure where the problem lies.

Here is my XAML public partial class My User Control : User Control, INotify Property Changed { private My Object Class _my Object; public My Object Class My Property public My User Control(My Object Class obj) //INotify Property Changed stuff public event Property Changed Event Handler Property Changed; private void On Property Changed(string property Name) private void b Change Property_Click(object sender, Routed Event Args e) The inital bind works, it will set the Label to "Frank", but when I click the button and the object is changed, the label won't update.

Method Being Called Therefore I've declared the status class (which handles the event and invokes the label etc) and subscibed to it.

I've gotten better results, although it still feels random, sometimes I see a couple of label updates, and sometimes one even though the exact same URI's are passed, so weird.

that way the label text (or whatever) could be bound to the property instead of having the async work try to update a label?

or add a method like this to update status if you have to update it?

This was the weird behavior I was experiencing as I tried different priorities.

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