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Selected Item, Selected Value and Display Member Path. Selected Item – Selected Item helps to bind the actual value from the Data Source which will be displayed.This is of type object and we can bind any type derived from object type with this property.

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I have tried Selected Item, Selected Index, Text and nothing works for me.

Here is my xaml: Here is my Web Service completed method, where I populate the Items Source (which works) and then I try to set the Selected Item (which doesn't update the UI, but my Selected Item raise property event does fire) This problem is driving me absolutely bonkers!

I also tried setting up a binding to Selected Index, but that doesn't work either.

Based on what I have read, I have this set up right.

I have defined a Standards property of type Ilist Since we are using the MVVM approach here in this article, that is why we cannot have Selection Changed event for my combobox which prevents me to achieve MVVM design.

That is why I have Selected Item property defined, the setter of Selected Standard is invoked when I change the selection.

Binding Enum to Combobox – We can bind an enum to the combobox by creating an Object Data Provider in the resource and binding it to the combobox as shown in the snippet below.

I have created an enum Gender and binded it to combobox. Binding to Selected Value and Selected Value Path – Suppose we already have an object and we want to bind that object to one of our view and that view contains a combobox in that case both of these properties comes to out rescue.

Property so I'm not sure why Selected Index can't work this way also??

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