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Armory still shows my 4-day old spec and my 1 day old transmog, yet other characters seem to update instantly.Because Blizzard is full of very incompetent people.

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Wow armory eu not updating dating in tbilisi

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I recently did a total transmog update, and spec change.

I changed spec 4 days ago, changed transmog yesterday.

This is all the stuff they broke during that 16 hours of incompetence on tuesday.

So, I switched my transmog two days ago, and the armory still shows me with this one.

- Added new NPC First aid bandages - selling increased Bandages for our high rate stats - Heavy Runecloth bandage - 750k heal in 3sec (250k/0,8sec) - Runecloth bandage - 850k heal in 4sec (170k/0,8sec) - Silk bandage - 1000k heal in 5sec (500k/2,5sec) - Netherweave bandage - 1200k heal in 6sec (300k/1,5sec) - fixed 3 bugs which starting crash of server core - updated database server to latest version - operating system updated to latest version, server applications(webserver, database server..),compile libraries updated to latest versions too - fixed bug in Pv P (not attackable opponent characters) - fixed bug of moving char (avoid of 11 chars on account, with 10 chars on acc cant log in to account, because getting game client crash) - Anti Spam system (Antivulgar, anti Ads) - updated list of vulgar words, updated list of ads, added log of muted players - Shirrak the Dead Watcher - fixed bug versus melee class with shield - Torment of Worgen - Buff from Karazhan dungeon edited, now this spell not using player spell damage, for all class will took 2000 damage/proc - in xmas month we took to players more than 250x Xmas Gifts, where players can randomly win any rewards - because a lot of players using threats, vulgarity etc. we applied antivulgar filters which taking to bad players mute, we updated list of vulgar words and increased mute from 3min to 500min New rings RARE Grizzly Spell Ring and RARE Grizzly Melee Ring - dungeon ZOO New bag RARE Arena Bag - from Lucky Arena Boxes New tabard RARE Arena Tabard - from Lucky Arena Boxes New rings RARE Arena Spell Ring and RARE Arena Melee Ring - from Lucky Arena Boxes New cloaks RARE Arena Spell Cloak and RARE Arena Melee Cloak - from Lucky Arena Boxes New shirts RARE Arena Spell Shirt and RARE Arena Melee Shirt - from Lucky Arena Boxes - actual change for drop RARE items from Lucky boxes is now 3, chance for RARE Arena drops increased from 0,03%/item and 0,05%/item.

Xmas coming, once again as every year you can expect benefits to Pv P and Pv E, most of you already know that Santa will come to the shop zones and will took to all players his gifts, he will took Xmas Elemental weapons, players will be awarded for the Xmas Ele Necks by events and they will have chance to win Xmas RARE.

There is list of top items, only some players have them.

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