Word fields not updating

Mine looks like: 01 **free 02 dcl-pr QCMDEXC extpgm ; 03 *n char(100) options(*varsize) const ; 04 *n packed(15:5) const ; 05 end-pr ; 06 dcl-f TESTFILE usage(*update) keyed usropn ; 07 QCMDEXC('CPYF FROMFILE(TESTFSAVE) TOFILE(TESTFILE) MBROPT(*REPLACE)':56) ; 08 open TESTFILE ; 09 setll ('1') TESTFILER ; 10 dow (1 = 1) ; 11 reade ('1') TESTFILER ; 12 if (%eof) ; 13 leave ; 14 endif ; 15 FFIELD = 'A' ; 16 update TESTFILER %fields(FFIELD) ; 17 enddo ; 18 close TESTFILE ; 19 *inlr = *on ; running 7.3 I am going to use totally free RPG.Lines 2 – 5: As I will be calling the QCMDEXC API program I need to define a procedure prototype for the API. Line 6: I need to define the file, TESTFILE, with a statement.This file will be used for update, it is keyed, and user opened.

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I investigated the circumstances under which moves are *meant* to be tracked in Word.

Despite the official word on this from Microsoft, the reality is that tracking moves in Word is flaky—sometimes full sentences aren’t tracked as moves and just show as deletions/insertions, which isn’t what’s meant to happen. The *official* word is that moves should be tracked under these circumstances: NOTE: Moving individual words and phrases is never tracked as a move, only moving whole sentences and parts of subsequent sentences, thus if you move a full sentence that includes a word or two of the next sentence, Word should track that as a move.

..click Options in the Print dialog, you can see that Update linked data before printing is no longer selected. And then of course, none of the fields are updated in the mail merge.

Does anyone know why my merge fields aren't updating and why Update linked data before printing is disabled?

In the Word settings, Update fields before printing and Update linked data before printing are selected.

However, if click Finish & Merge Print Documents...

I’m still wondering why –up to now- there isn't an option that updates all the fields automatically!

For example, the only field that can be updated automatically (when any change occurs) is the “Date” field!

You will not find this chapter on the Microsoft site. You should have reviewed the bookmarks and cross-reference portions of Complex Legal Documents before tackling this chapter.

I have a mail merge that takes field data from an Excel sheet.

There are no promises that this chapter is of the same quality and depth as the other chapters of this guide.

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