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"You know, I had the Snow White birthday cake when I was six, drew Cinderella endlessly on my notepads." Cabot read about princesses (her favorite fairy tale is Beauty and the Beast ) and fantasized about being a real-life princess, often telling her mom and dad that her "real" parents, the king and queen, would arrive one day in Indiana to find her.

In 1977, after seeing the movie Star Wars, the ten-year-old's mania for royalty grew to new heights.

A few months prior, Cabot signed a seven-figure deal with her publisher, Harper Collins, to continue writing the Princess series and to build on her other young adult series.

As Cabot told, "I hope to write about [Mia] as long as people want to keep reading about her." Meg Cabot was born on February 1, 1967, in Bloomington, Indiana.

(As part of admissions requirements most universities require a student to take SAT examinations; they are divided into two sections—verbal and math reasoning—and help assess what a student has learned throughout their school years.) Following graduation from high school, Cabot decided to study art at the University of Indiana, where she could attend tuition-free since her father was a professor.

In 1991, with a bachelor of fine arts degree in hand, the budding artist moved to New York City to pursue a career as an illustrator.

Suddenly Mia is a celebrity, and her worries about boys take backseat to princess lessons, bodyguards, and fending off the paparazzi.

Critics gave mixed reviews to the The Princess Diaries, claiming that at times it was over the top and cartoonish.Cabot was so horrified that she began keeping a diary.She expanded the diary entries into a story about a ninth-grader named Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo, also known as Mia, whose mother is dating her algebra teacher.Instead, she landed a job as a freshman dormitory assistant manager at New York University.It was not exactly her dream job, but there were periods when work was slow, which gave her plenty of free time to return to her early love: writing. Seven years and thousands of rejection letters later (Cabot claims she has a mail bag full of rejections), her first novel was finally published." While in high school Cabot began to write her own stories because, as she claimed in an Onion Street online interview, there was absolutely nothing else to do.

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