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(Start with regular bingo, then maybe do the letter “C” or a kite on your board.) The winners of each round will get to pick their choice of book/audiobook. The following Federal forms and instructions are available at the library: 1040, 1040A, and the 1040EZ.

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Library Bell Art Room The Friends of the Winona Public Library usually meet every third Tuesday of the month to discuss fundraising and funding the library. Prizes are Glass Houses by Louise Penny, Princess Elizabeth’s Spy by Susan Elia Mac Neal, East of the Mountains by David Guterson, The Promise of Palm Grove by Shelley Shepard Gray, and Visions of Sugar Plums by Janet Evanovich, and Woman of God by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro.

Don't miss our special June's Classic Movie Monday is from 1942 starring Gary Copper.

Progress toward such goals is verified and documented by official record of the CEU earned The CEU is different from traditional academic credit but provides a standard measure of non-credit learning and is used for record keeping.

It is not equated with academic degree credit nor can it be converted to academic credit at a later date.

The CEU is designed as a measurement for life-long learning activities.

Increasingly, CEUs are being accepted as evidence of educational attainment by employers, certification and licensing agencies as well as professional organizations.Continuing Education Unit (CEU) courses provide individuals with recognition for their efforts to update or broaden their knowledge base, skills or aptitudes.Records of CEUs awarded provide a framework within which individuals can develop and achieve long-range educational goals through a number of different options at the individuals own pace.The Minnesota Income and Property Tax instructions are available for a seven-day checkout.The IRS does not allow our tax hub to order anything beyond the main three 1040 forms and instructions, and the State of Minnesota no longer reproduces print forms for tax hubs.Often, consultation between the client group and the Program Coordinator of the Outreach and Continuing Education Department will initiate the creation of a CEU.

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