Will bring to Kiev NDrive v.11.0.06 (29870) H + Maps v.2.18 + 3D Photo Maps v.8

Navigation with related useful functions is the NDrive program. Now, in principle, you don’t need a language to get to Kiev, the main thing is to have the CCP in your hands (I remembered something from the folk wisdom “Language will bring Kiev to Kiev”). This application will tell you the direction and route to any address. The creators took care to make it convenient for you and me to manage the program, for this there is a well-thought-out menu and an interface with kinetic scrolling. City navigation is carried out in two modes to choose from – 2D and 3D. In the settings, you can select the function, thanks to which the navigation voice guidance will be carried out. A pleasant female guide’s voice will tell you where and how to go in the language that is most understandable to you. Please note – so that you do not scour the application for a long time in search of the language bar, it will appear automatically as soon as you select and install the map you need.
The app can determine your location using the Internet and cell towers.

The ability to import and export your own markups to Google Earth (KML) is available.

I want to dwell a little on the functions of the program, since at the very beginning it was mentioned that the product has a lot of usefulness. “TTS – Text-to-Speech” is access to extensive information of the destination of interest (attractions, history, statistics, etc.). “Online POIs” – through a service like Google, you can find new and relevant places. NDrive Store – this function can be compared to an online store, thanks to which maps (update, purchase), new guide voices and other products are available through the PDA, which provide you with the comfort of using the program.

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