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The turbos, the intercooler, and majority of the plumbing (aluminum and steel tubing, couplers, clamps, and hardware) were supplied by CX Racing (CXRacing.com).

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Adding just 5.9 psi of boost increased the power output of the small-block by 190 hp and 182 lb-ft of torque.

The torque curve was impressive, bettering 650 lb-ft from 3,700 rpm to 5,200 rpm, and the powerband ranged from 4,600 to 5,900 for a 1,300-rpm spread (wider than the naturally aspirated curve by 300 rpm).

We’ve been toying with turbos and turbo cams for a few years now, and the more we think we know, the more we discover how much more there is to discover.

Last year, we ran a theoretical piece on camshafts and their effect on horsepower (“The Truth About Camshafts and Turbochargers,” June ’11) and came away with a gem from noted engine builder Kenny Duttweiler: He told us to treat a properly sized, high-efficiency turbo motor like a naturally aspirated engine.

So far, the cam swaps on the turbo motor were mirroring the gains experienced on the NA combination.

The final cam to be tested was the wildest of the three, but the gains achieved on the naturally aspirated motor did not translate to the turbo combination.

This built-for-boost stroker combination is none other than the Two-Headed Animal we built in the Aug. It features a Dart block, K1 crank and rods, and JE forged slugs.

Topping the beast was a set of CNC-ported 233 Brodix heads and a matching single-plane intake.

In terms of turbo cam selection, this translates to choosing one based on engine size, head flow, and desired powerband.

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