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I thought that a romantic relationship was the answer to all my problems; that there was a simple cure to the sadness, anger, frustration, and stress — all symptoms of typical teenage hormones. I tried to change my interests, my image, and my character to appear more attractive and desirable to each new guy.I was fine with changing who I was to be with who I wanted.

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From dateable dancers to relationship-worthy readers, I went about a total of one week without having a crush on some random guy I knew nothing about. At one point I recalculated the routes to all my classes so I would have a greater chance at bumping into whichever guy I was crushing on.

My encounters with the boys I liked defined the courses of my days and dictated my attitude for a long time.

There has never been a guide for relationships and social media and 2003-2018 have been filled with so much new technology and social media platforms.

This has left the current high school generation to figure these types of things out on their own.

Interracial couples are no longer frowned upon, and gay couples are now free to hold hands in public without experiencing as much backlash. Texas had just removed all anti-sodomy laws for the first time.

When people think of high schoolers dating, many different ideas come to mind, so we sent out an anonymous survey to find out opinions on dating in 2018.

High school students today all struggle with one major thing: dating while in high school.

Most of 2018’s high school students were born in the year 2000 or later and only have the abstract millennial experience of dating someone.

Students feel strongly about dating violence in 2018, which is a positive thing to see.

“If I could change the way people view unhealthy relationships, I definitely would.

“Today it’s much more acceptable for women to be strong and independent and for guys to be more loving and cute. This speaks to where we are as a society in the realm of equality.

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