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He has features like the proud David statue that dominates the square in Florence (Italy), not South Carolina!

His face is only outmatched by his devotion to the sport and lifestyle that is bodybuilding.

Apart from being very colourful, there was a wonderful variety of unique configurations and many different styles of former railway companies.

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Meanwhile, fellow A&R guy Seth England clarified that they understand the “goals” of the Ramsey family and “simply fell in love with their story and vision.” One thing’s for sure: It better involve some damn yodeling.

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MEN who don’t make a lot of money, and still find a way to get into the gym and build the Gorilla Suit.

Men who have the DISCIPLINE to control what they eat and have the heart to love their Brothers of Iron, regardless of the color of their skin…Kris Milano, Peace Out from MILANO – The Fashion Capital of the World….) MORE PHOTOS OF CHARLY: LIKED THIS ARTICLE?

This is a man who has sculpted his life like an artist. We salute you on your country’s day, Happy Cinco de Mayo!

If you live in the States, or Italy, or anywhere; have a great Mexican beer today and eat Mexican. Ciao from Milano…Gio Benedice (God Bless) from the staff of Milano411**PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Hey guys, let’s learn to LOVE and stop the You know who you are.

Coinciding with the announcement is the 11-year-old boy’s debut single, “Famous”.

Produced by Corey Crowder and Joey Moi, it’s a slice of pleasant pop-country that references Ramsey’s newfound ubiquity without actually giving us the goods.

His devotion and dedication, and the third D, discipline has taken a skinny young Mexican man and made him into a mountain of a man who has a wonderful family to accompany his Greco-Roman bod. He does his journey into muscle with his beautiful wife, Elsa Rodriguez.

Not a stranger to the gym, he’s a bodybuilder with some nice proportions but also some freaky ones too. Her game in the gym is no joke either and she works in the fitness industry too!

But as this site developed, from time to time I found I needed to include basic descriptions of some items appearing in photos and/or videos for which there was no readily available external site to link to.

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