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However, the BB ricochets back at Ralphie and knocks his glasses off.

While searching for them, thinking he has indeed shot his eye out, Ralphie accidentally steps on his glasses and breaks them.

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Great Investment/Immigration/Work&Live; Opportunity.30 Minutes Off Ottawa. Great For Spiritual/Joya/Wellness Camps Or Retreats. Main Building Is A Tudor Style Two Story Home Of 8000 Sqf , Has 10 Bedrooms W/Wr. BES Parent Council is excited to be organizing our 9th Annual Community Garage Sale!

Licensed Kitchen, Licenced Lcbo Restaurant, Conference Room(Seats 30), Solarium And A... He is brownish grey with white chin, cheeks, chest and belly. The sale is on Saturday, May 12th from 7am until 12noon. It is a family friendly event, with over 40 vendors. Recently completed new luxurious home nestled among mature pine trees.

The other medium in which this occurs, although less frequently, is in popular music.

Bands of Relatives are often popular, especially in country music where "brother acts" became common enough to get a collective phrase, so occasionally a band who aren't actually related will claim to be related, usually siblings.

But sometimes there's a dearth of brother combinations in a promotion.

Does the promoter remedy the situation by sending out scouts to recruit talented young brother duos? He fixes the problem the same way he fixes every problem: by inventing the answer out of whole cloth and lying to us about it.

The front of the Parkers' house where A Christmas Story was filmed in the Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland's west side.

The building, restored and reconfigured inside to match the soundstage interiors, is open to the public as A Christmas Story House The film is presented in a series of vignettes, with narration provided by the adult Ralphie Parker reminiscing on one particular Christmas when he was nine years old.

He lies to his mother that a falling icicle broke his glasses, and she believes him.

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