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Both polls reported that 56% of Americans support the death penalty.That is the lowest level of support ever recorded by the CBS News poll, and near the lowest level reported by Pew in the last 40 years.At the same time, however, poll respondents said by a 2 to 1 margin that they would not like to see the death penalty abolished nationwide.

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Polling graphics by the Washington Post.) 2017 Gallup Poll Reports Support for Death Penalty in U. at a 45-Year Low The October 2017 Gallup poll on capital punishment found that “Americans' support for the death penalty has dipped to a level not seen in 45 years.” Gallup reported that 55% of Americans said they supported the death penalty for a person convicted of murder, down from a reported 60% in October 2016 and the lowest level of death-penalty support since March 1972.

Gallup said the five percentage-point decline—which represented an 8% decrease in the level of support for the death penalty nationwide over the course of the last year—"continue[s] a trend toward diminished death penalty support" in the United States.

However, death-penalty support among Republicans dropped ten percentage points, from the 82% reported in October 2016.

Long-term death-penalty support among Democrats fell 26 percentage points—a 40% decline—from its levels in 2002, when 65% of Democrats told Gallup they favored capital punishment. Death Penalty Support Lowest Since 1972," Gallup News Service, October 26, 2017; L.

The Pew poll examined levels of support by political party and found that the decline in support for the death penalty is particularly striking among Democrats, with just 40% saying they support it now, compared to 71% who did in 1996.

While 63% viewed the death penalty as a morally justified punishment for murder, most (71%), said there is some risk of executing innocent people, and 61% said they do not believe it deters serious crimes.

Although 72% of Republicans told Pew they favored capital punishment, Republican support for the death penalty dropped 5 points between the 20 polls.

Since 2011, support for the death penalty has declined among every demographic group, with overall support falling by 13 points.

,” 58% said they supported capital punishment, while 33% opposed.

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