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Moreover, the rock in question is not thought to have been accessible during the time of Sinclair's alleged journey.In addition, some writers such as Native American historian Evan Pritchard have claimed that Glooscap, the spiritual hero figure of the Mi'kmaq people, is in fact a depiction of an early European explorer, most likely Henry Sinclair.It is supposed that he died shortly after that although his son did not take the title until 1412. In the 1980s, modern alternative histories of Earl Henry I Sinclair and Rosslyn Chapel began to be published.

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According to Lomas, Sir William, the chapel builder, is also the direct ancestor of the first Grand Master of Masons of Scotland, also named William St Clair (Sinclair).

According to Lomas, the Sinclairs and their French relatives the St.

Books by Timothy Wallace-Murphy and Andrew Sinclair soon followed from the early 1990s onwards.

as possibly being the Prince Zichmni described in letters allegedly written around the year 1400 by the Zeno brothers of Venice, in which they describe a voyage throughout the North Atlantic under the command of Zichmni.

It is unknown if Haakon VI ever attempted to call upon the troops pledged by Henry or if any of the fee was actually paid.

As security for upholding the agreement the new jarl left hostages behind when he departed Norway for Orkney.

In his book, Frederick Pohl states that this seems to support the idea that the voyage actually took place, as it can be related to the Stellarton region of Nova Scotia, famous for its oil shales.

There are still place names today in the area referencing the word "Asphalt".

He is best known today because of a modern legend that he took part in explorations of Greenland and North America almost 100 years before Christopher Columbus.

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