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The Flour normally has better visibility than the surrounding wrecks because it sits on a shallow ledge.In the spring of 1942 the Arundo was torpedoed by the U-136.Here three dogged portholes, brass parts, cages lights and other bits lie loose in the wooden structure.

Interestingly, two bells have been recovered with the name inscribed on each over the years.

On February 29, 1994 she was sunk as a reef off Atlantic City.

The tug was found and dived the following year by the fore mentioned.

The Brunette was a freighter sunk during a collision in 1870.

It sits at 170 feet in the "Mud Hole." It has fishing line and netting on some parts of the wreck so divers should be cautious exploring.

The stern is split from the bridge section which rises to 140 feet.

The Brian C tug was lost in a storm on November 13, 1979, 40 miles off Cape May.

A dramatic rescue was made by a Coast Guard helicopter crew and rescue divers as she slipped beneath the waves.

Several portholes remain as navigational points in the center of the wreck.

The stern is still loaded with navigation equipment.

Salvage attempts failed even though the bow floated for a short time afterwards the collision.

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