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That changed suddenly when police received a tip that someone matching Reinking's description was seen heading into a wooded area about a mile from the Waffle House.

Detectives marched into the wooden area and found Reinking, who was taken into custody without any incident, they said.

When he was captured, police said Reinking was wearing a backpack that held a semiautomatic firearm as well ammunition.

Even with the suspected shooter alive and in police custody, what could have motivated the massacre remained frustratingly unknown, authorities said.

At his most innocent, Lanza is described as a mild-mannered student in high school, making the honor roll, and living with his mother Nancy, who in turn loved playing dice games and decorating their upscale home for the holidays.

Nancy had recently been considering moving Adam to Washington state, said Mark Tambascio, a restaurant proprietor and close family friend, because she had discovered a school she thought would be good for him.'He was her whole life. She never mentioned that [Adam] was suicidal or violent. Everyone that had spent any time around him, they knew he was a little bit different, but you never saw any major, major issues, he added. Adam and his needs came first.'But now it has been revealed he had more ammunition in the form of multiple, high-capacity clips each capable of holding 30 bullets, raising the possibility Lanza had planned an even deadlier massacre and was stopped short.

Reinking requested a lawyer after his arrest and refused to answer questions or make a statement, Don Aaron, a spokesman for the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, said at a news briefing.

While Reinking was at large, police had warned he was dangerous and said he showed "signs of significant instability," Aaron had said at a news briefing earlier Monday.

I think he went so unnoticed people didn’t stop to think, “There’s something going on here – maybe he needs some kind of help?

”Mr Federman, who was home from attending college at Vanderbilt University, told Mail Online that he had heard from many graduates from the class of 2010 and none of them can think of a single friend Lanza had.

Obama planned to attend an interfaith vigil – the fourth time he will have traveled to a city after a mass shooting.

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