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Ellie Bamber certainly brought a bit of glitz and glamour to British Vogue's Fashion and Film party in London last night.The Nocturnal Animals actress took the plunge in a purple embellished maxi dress, which features a daringly low cut neckline and long sleeves to balance the look out.It is understood that Ms Mugford will be questioned about the role of police in her decision to confess to a bank about her part in a cheque fraud prior to giving evidence at Bamber's trial.

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Among its costars are Laura Carmichael — Lady Edith on Downton Abbey — as an awfully naïve university student, and Jamie Bamber (Lee Adama on Battlestar Galactica) as a police colleague.

" data-reactid="23"The series was created by Hans Rosenfeldt, who also created the Danish-Swedish co-production The Bridge (which was turned into the two-season, American-made FX series of the same name).

So with this sparkly look in mind, if you've got a big occasion to attend and fancy going for Studio 54 vibes, our edit below is the place to go.

Pretty Little Thing's bargain dress will do the trick...

When police arrived at the farmhouse they found the scene of a massacre.

Four weeks after the murders Ms Mugford, then Bamber's girlfriend, went to police and told them that he had often bragged to her that he was going to kill his parents and collect his inheritance of almost £500,000.It has also been claimed during the hearing that she had sold her story to the News of the World for £25,000 before the trial and not afterwards.She is a rising starlet who was catapulted into the spotlight for her performance on neo-noir film Nocturnal Animals.Three judges, headed by Lord Justice Kay, announced that they had decided to allow Julie Mugford to be called on the sixth day of the appeal in London.It would be the first time that Ms Mugford, now 37 and a married mother-of-two living in Canada, has faced her former boyfriend in a courtroom for 16 years.Chief among her cases is the search for a serial killer whom Marcella thinks she’s identified. If Friel didn’t project such strength as a shrewd, aggressive cop, the show might be open to the charge that Marcella is an awfully disrespected character.

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