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This ’25th anniversary’ (it’s actually been 26 years) is also being released on vinyl, too. Listen Without Prejudice, Vol 1 – 3CD DVD super deluxe CD 1 Listen Without Prejudice remastered 1.

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“His legacy, his teachings, his music will always be around.” Tracy Mills of the George Michael Appreciation Society said: “It has been really emotional, everyone worked so hard to make this happen. His death was so tragic, and I wanted to do something for him.” The Wham! He lived in Stanmore and later attended Bushey Meads School.

Before many left for drinks at The Three Crowns pub in Bushey, Terry Daniels said it had been a “truly emotional” day, adding: “I am thrilled.

A commemorative blue plaque was unveiled today to honour the life and work of a global artist at his former school.

George Michael fans gathered at Bushey Meads School in Hertfordshire at 12pm to witness the unveiling and hear tributes to the singer, who was a former pupil.

‘I will fight for my right from George Michael till the last day of my life.’ He added: ‘And no I wont get a job.’ George’s Regent’s Park house was visited earlier this month by bailiffs after Fadi reportedly failed to pay a fine worth £513.

Fadi, 44, shared a picture of an enforcement notice to Twitter, saying that bailiffs had ‘come to take furniture’ but that he ‘didn’t open the door to them’.

George, who died on Christmas Day 2016, was a sixth form student at Bushey Meads where he formed a famous musical partnership with close friend, Andrew Ridgeley.

The blue plaque was made possible through a joint effort by Bushey Meads executive principal Jeremy Turner, Tracy Wills of the George Michael Appreciation Society, the Heritage Foundation, and George Michael “superfan” Terry Daniels, who drove the project forward.

Terry gave tearful thanks to those who made the event possible, including the plaque makers Leander Architectural.

She added: “George, you have been loved.” Executive principal, Jeremy Turner thanked everyone for coming and praised the school for its commitment to the arts, saying: “Everybody can be fantastic at something.” The deputy mayor and conservative councillor, Brenda Batten unveiled the plaque around 12.30pm after telling of Andrew Ridgeley playing piano in her family home when he visited as her paperboy.

Once unveiled, scores of fans lined up to be photographed, many wearing the popular “Choose Life” t-shirts.

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