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Lucas Cruikshank is a You Tube star turned Nickelodeon actor, who is widely known for the creation of the character Fred Figglehorn.

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Oh, I'm just so excited to spend some time with that smashing looking lady! Judy: (offscreen) What are you talking about, Fred? I mean, I thought it'd be funny, we can laugh about it together. I mean, I know Fred's weird in all, but you don't have to be such a jerked him all the time.

I honestly think that the reason why this is happening is because last night, I wished upon a star. Fred: (yells at Kevin and Judy) Don't even try to act like you were part of it, Judy!

He officially revealed his boyfriend on his You Tube channel with the hashtag #Boyfriend.

He met Fawcus through Kingsley, a fellow You Tuber.

Lucas holds the United States nationality by birth and is of the white ethnicity.

Lucas Cruikshank is a You Tube personality or vlogger who began his You Tube career in 2005.

JKL Productions also earned in that year, a total of ,000 from the Fred videos before Lucas announced he was leaving the company.

Lucas Cruikshank made Fred’s character into a movie titled which attracted Nickelodeon, a satellite television network owned by Viacom.

He secured another role in the show Marvin Marvin which began at the expiration of the Fred series but it did not record as much success as Fred and so was canceled after the first season.

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