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An unnamed informant claimed that the Victoria’s Secret angel caught Kristen and Bella flirting with each other at a party two years ago.

The same tipster said that Stella Maxwell got so jealous that the model told Kristen Stewart she is ready to move out from the actress’ apartment in Los Angeles.

It was even reported that the former girlfriend of Miley Cyrus wants them to take a break.

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They married in a romantic ceremony at her Montecito, California, estate in June 2012 and are parents of daughters Olive, 3, and Frankie, 2.

The Golden Globe winner was previously married to Welsh bar owner Jeremy Thomas in March 1994 (the pair separated just weeks after tying the knot).

Despite her happy relationship with Stella Maxwell, the former 'Twilight' lead star has reportedly flirted with other female personalities.

Kristen Stewart has become a household name when she portrayed the role of Bella Swan in the famous vampire-themed movie series called The 27-year-old American actress-model effortlessly won the hearts of many due to her effective on-screen chemistry with Robert Pattinson, who played Edward Cullen throughout the franchise.

He took the clock to Drew’s Garage and went to work for Elmer Drew.

Local car owners quickly began to bring their Model Ts, Model As and Flathead V8s into Drew’s Garage for repairs.

But Ford sweetened the deal, offering Elmer a demonstrator car for a month and also sold him parts, and Drew Ford was in business.

In 1967, the company opened its Roundhouse of Values that still stands today at the intersection of I-8 and 125, accessible off Grossmont Boulevard.

Mallory Lee, agency manager at Drew Ford, confirmed the sale to ECM reporter Janis Russell, adding that she believes Penske will keep the facility a Ford dealership. It does state, “We are glad and proud that we’re still, after all these years, family owned and operated in a day when big corporations and absentee ownership are the norm.” The dealership was founded by Elmer Drew.

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