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The sense is of a man coming clean, not just from the drugs and alcohol but also from the insecurities and frustrations of being the frontman of a multimillion-selling rock band."The first thing I said to Knox when we sat down to do it was, 'I don't want to make a Depeche Mode record,' " he says.

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"I was writing about my feelings, the way I felt about my life and my frustrations," he says. Absolutely, but I knew I had to confront that fear just like I've had to confront all the other fears I've had in my life.

It's all part of the learning process."Gahan is clearly accustomed to talking of himself in confessional terms. With the help of rehab clinics and a series of expensive New York therapists, he says, he's discovered how to be a proper father and a husband, and has learnt to take responsibility for his past.

With Chandler's help, Gahan fashioned 10 songs that chronicle his precarious journey from junkie rock star to clean-living and compassionate adult.

"Bitter Apple" is about his emotional regeneration and relationship with his wife, Jennifer, while in "Dirty Sticky Floors" he tackles the Jekyll-and-Hyde nature of drug addiction, comically sending up his evil alter ego.

I just wanted to experience writing with someone and see what I was made of.

All I had was a few words and a few ideas; I didn't know where I was going to go with them."Once he began writing in earnest, Gahan discovered in himself a confidence and ability to articulate that he didn't know existed.This means airlines could technically be on the hook for anywhere between £325million and £650million in compensation.Yesterday the CAA urged passengers who have had claims rejected to demand that their airline reassess their case.Brooks, Mel - Actor, Director, Comedian, Writer Bruce, Lenny - Comedian, Social Critic, Known for Cutting Edge Speech Landmark Trial Bullock Sandra - Fantastic Actress.Listed as One of the Top 20 Actors of All Time Douglas, Michael - Actor, Son of Kirk Douglas, 2 Academy Awards for Best Actor and Best Picture Dreyfuss, Richard - Actor, Richard Dreyfus, Jaws, Close Encounters Duchovny, David - Co-Star of the Hit Show The X-Files, Top Star in Californication Dukakis, Kitty - Wife of Presidential Candidate, First Lady, Speaker Duritz, Adam - lead singer/songwriter for Counting Crows Dylan, Bob - Musician, Singer, Actor Edelstein, Lisa, Major Actress on House TV Series, role of Dr.said: ‘For airlines that have been sidestepping the law for too long this judgment makes clear that they must play by the rules and pay passengers the compensation that they are owed.‘This is yet another example of why passengers should receive automatic compensation so that they don’t have to jump through hoops to get what they are entitled to.’Those delayed between three and four hours are in line for £270, while compensation rises to £540 for delays of four hours or more.If we couldn't do that as a band, then I would have to do it by myself."Asked whether he has felt creatively stunted in Depeche Mode, he pauses, evidently searching for a diplomatic answer.

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