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Fameolous reported: “Sean P Diddy Combs recently took a paternity test to prove he was not the father of a newborn boy. The rapper is shown dancing to a 2Chainz track as he pans the camera to the right and shows Cassie standing there.

Diddy requested all cameras be shut off in the building for the day while he filled out the paperwork.

Cassie Ventura has been dating the rap tycoon P Diddy, originally Sean Combs, from five long years.

As per a source, Diddy loves Cassie so much to let her go. "People gonna grow, and, you know, any of my exes, they smile, and they're happy to see me, you know what I'm saying? And, you know, I answered the question.” Caption: P Diddy sharing his girlfriend Cassie's reaction to his reunion with the former girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez.

P Diddy was previously a boyfriend to the beautiful Jennifer Lopez from 1999 to 2001. Cassie Ventura who was born to a Filipino father and an African-American, West Indian and Mexican mother shares a mixed ethnicity as her parents belong to different cultures.

The photo was of her in a bikini, and she deleted the picture and cropped it before reposting it, so that her stomach was no longer showing. Diddy confirmed the rumors by tweeting a picture of Cassie with the photo caption, “I’m a very lucky man #knowthat.”“Finally.

Viewers were quick to address the speculation, however. You guys make a nice couple,” one fan wrote in response.

Diddy and Cassie have been dating for five years, but they have mostly kept their relationship private and out of the limelight.

However, Diddy did mention Cassie earlier this year when he stopped by after the topic of his former girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez, came up since Diddy and J. "My woman, at the end of the day, you know, she ain't have a problem with it.

Based on the latest photos of Cassie, it seems she is definitely not pregnant. With Cassie wearing a fitted skirt and bra-top, it was evident that her stomach was very flat and there was no baby bump in sight.(View photos here.)In September 2012, Cassie and P.

The 27-year-old model and singer caused people to put her on baby watch earlier this month, after posting a photo on Instagram. Diddy, 44, went public with their relationship, though many fans already knew the two were an item.

The couple split after having a heated argument while driving on their way to Beverly Hills.

It all began after Cassie said that the relationship was over and to Diddy’s poor reaction, he got hold of Cassie’s phone to find anything that might be the reason for their break up.

By that time, Cassie had reportedly called her mom and told her about the phone incident, which prompted her mom to call police and ask them to send cops to the home.

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