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Think about it: Reporters are bored to death with the prospect of covering another Clinton candidacy.

They're terrified of the famous Clinton aggression toward the media.

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(If you feel compelled to check a calendar after that last one, I swear it really is 2015 and not 1995.)It's not bad for a dude who peaked at 10 p.m. Sure, he's had some good moments—notably the Nobel Peace Prize—but he's also had some not-so-good moments, and it's strange to see him getting so many headlines now. But that hasn't changed anytime recently—so it's not enough to explain what's happening now.2. (Livestock cultivation is terrible for the environment.) Bill Clinton is an almost-vegan.

What's going on with the Clinton administration alums, anyway?

Al Gore, just like the planet, is getting hotter by the hour these days.

There he is at SXSW, rubbing elbows with tech elites, hipsters, and the commerce secretary.

(He's the one who held a snowball up on the Senate floor as proof that climate change isn't happening.) The Oklahoma Republican is delighted to be able to make statements like, "Al Gore’s immense wealth is largely due to his shameless and incessant promotion of the liberal global warming agenda."5.

A Strange Coalition of Democrats: But why the calls for a third Gore run for the White House?(If the rap on Clinton is that she's a candidate of the past and is too out of practice, it's hard to imagine Gore is the answer.) Others simply think she, and the party, would benefit from having a contested primary rather than a coronation.And Gore appeals to a strange, wide swath of the party.And his new message of hope—rooted in the sinking cost of renewable energy—is more palatable than proclamations of doom.4.Climate-Change Skeptics: It's important for a movement to have a leader, but it's also important for the opposition to have a villain.While there are some signs of positive change for activists, like new rules implemented by the Obama administration, it's never enough when you see global catastrophe on the horizon.

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