Who is agyness deyn dating

Every so often, a star will manage to keep their wedding on the DL.

It requires strategy and careful planning, and it doesn’t stay secret for long.

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Their source said: ‘Agyness and James have met since and are very keen on each other.

There is a real connection.’ Apparently their ‘real connection’ arises out of a shared background: both of them having worked in fast food restaurants.

Named among the most successful Formula One drivers of all time, Sebastian Vettel is a German F1 racing driver who currently drives for Red Bull Racing.

He was born on July 3, 1987 to Heike Vettel and Norbert.

But if a Hollywood power couple can score a few hours of scrutiny-free matrimony, more power to them. Keeping the paparazzi away wasn’t the only motivation for some of these celebrity couples to get married on the sly.

In some cases, they didn’t want their parents there either.He became the youngest World Driver’s Championship winner in 2010 and defended his title in next three consecutive years too (2011, 20).Vettel currently holds several “youngest” F1 records other than being the World Driver’s Championship winner such as youngest driver to secure pole position, youngest driver to lead a race and youngest driver to score championship score at that time.Now however, she seems to be casting her net a little wider and embracing the world of drama as a source for her lovelife, setting her sights firmly upon Golden Globe-winning actor James Franco.Franco appeared alongside Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn in Milk, and played a comedy turn as a stoner in the film The Pineapple Express with Seth Rogen.She was married to her boyfriend turned husband for 2 years.

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