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Due to the sheer excess of these flicks, a huge amount of them fell by the wayside and have now become forgotten '00s romcoms.

These are the love stories that will enjoy a revival on this list.

The film also features the talented Kathryn Hahn in a supporting role.

Also, please note Amanda Peet's very bad punk rock hair when the characters first meet.

Previously, we've covered the '00s teen movies that time forgot. In the wake of her dad's divorce, she asks him to tell the story of how he met her mother.

Now it's time to revisit 15 '00s Romantic Comedies You Completely Forgot About. He agrees, but changes the names so she'll have to guess which of three women ends up being her mother.

It's worth a watch simply to stare at dreamy '00s crush Ashton Kutcher.

Limited Too did not sell "I Love Ashton" merch in the aughts for nothing: the actor is charming and knows how to carry a romantic comedy.

While there, he starts to fall for a therapist played by Heather Graham.

This part is such an on-point character for Firth to play that his character is even named Colin. It's the story of two people who have a brief fling and decide they're not a match, only to run into each other repeatedly over the course of seven years as fate pushes them together.

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