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At that time, Poole says, Allen told an associate “he was going out with a woman in California” (Tipper now resides in a plush million manse in Montecito) and after the pair were photographed at an event in Santa Barbara in February, the tom-toms started beating.

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The scandalous interspecies relationship may shock and appall Washington society, but in a way, it also makes perfect sense for the former vice-president, whose love of nature apparently knows even fewer bounds than previously realized.

The Post reports that the horsewoman, who goes by the human name Liz Keadle, is a Californian and a major donor to the Democratic Party and environmental causes.

According to well-placed individuals, a shared passion for photography lit the spark.

Tipper used to hang out with photographers at National Geographic, and over the years became so accomplished that her work now commands up to $1,000 a photo at galleries in Chicago and Philadelphia.

Allen explained it provided the reader with “a sense of fun and wonder—as well as total astonishment at what some people will wear in public.”In retirement, Allen remains an enigma. It is filled with pretty pictures of wildlife and scenic views, and features a dazzling collection of his photos of beads and jewels, which are compiled in a book entitled Bedazzled: Where Beads Inspiration Meet.

Elsewhere around the Web there is mention of his teaching at photo workshops and serving on some boards, but not a scintilla of personal information.

She zeroed in on her family (three daughters and a son, plus several grandchildren) and her main interests (photography and mental-health advocacy), dividing her time between California and her childhood family home in Alexandria.

Recently she has been spotted around Washington at small gatherings, Allen in tow.

The gaffe created a furor in the scientific community, which attacked the publication for flawed and faulty research.

The incident remains one of the very few times the Geographic ever offered a mea culpa and corrected a story A far more successful endeavor was the magazine’s first swimsuit issue in 2003, which covered 100 years of bizarre bathing costumes.

So the nagging question rocketing around the photo community is: how will he cope as Tipper’s high wattage sidekick?

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