When did eric and calleigh start dating

Eric was wondering how to start working her, but he did as she asked, right there under the tower he nailed her hardly against the wall pillars that was holding it up, hardly as he growled and she moaned out before they cum.Then she got her pants back on before she walked to her car without saying anything, she couldn't let her self feel, because if she did she would feel dirty and used because she had sunken down to this level.

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Calleigh looked at the powder before she snorted some of it to see the effect.

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXI was about a week later and Calleigh now knew she couldn't stop using again, her urges was so great and she again got hooked on the feeling the drug gave her.

" he asked her as he was pretty ready, he had expected a cute girl, but for it to be Calleigh that was just shocking, not that he minded all to much as he always kind of liked her."No on the lips, you can do whatever else you want, but I would prefer if you nailed me hardly from behind" she said."That sounds very impersonal, why not on the lips?

" he asked her."Because they are reserved for someone else" she said."Didn't know you had a boyfriend" said Eric surprised."I don't, now will you get to work cause I don't have all day" she said in a demanding tone.

He lay her down and she let him come on top, she could feel him which got her in the mood and she encouraged him to go further.

Eric got inside her and started to go deeper and as she was on the verge she with closed eyes screamed: Horatiooo, Horatiooooo.

And she loved Eric for giving it to her, her feelings had changed over the last week, she wanted him around the clock now.

She felt happier than she had been in quite some time and she loved it.

" she asked."You were the one who again choose the drugs over…" he stopped."You think it's that easy, I love the feeling" she started when he interrupted: Do you love him at all or do you only love him because of the drug you are on? " was the replay."I have a son with her, doesn't that say it all" said he said."No it don't that you have Kyle has nothing to do with her, of course you loved her back then, and of course you two are attach to each other, but can you picture your future with her?

" she said."That is non of you concern and then I can ask you the same can you picture your whole future with Eric or are you just as I said with him because of your urges" he said honestly."You were the one who turned your back one me, you hurt me and you are doing it again" she said honest."You were the one that said you would deal with this again and here you are using again" he said with a sigh.

She sighed as she started the car, this was not good and she knew it.

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