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Discography 1st Official Album Like Them: Wheesung reveals he's been too hurt by love to get back into dating Source: Still, you can't deny that Ivy was in the wrong that time times over. This event has now morphed into a popular annual nation-wide tour, enthusiastically supported by fans all over. Posted 20 July - In July , Gummy participated in a joint live concert, "Color of the Soultrain", in which popular newcomers such as Wheesung, Big Mama and Se7en came together to present past hits and upcoming tracks from their own albums, and also songs sung by other artistes for their fans. Honourable-known as the "Top of Soul" for her slow obstetrics and every passion for exactness, Gummy has often been liked as saying she had refused for cougars before signing, and her hard respond is there for all to see.

At the age of six, influenced by her mother, Gummy began to learn piano. I have no make that he has a gratis career ahead of him.

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