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But if your brain has literally melted from all the small-talk-free orgasms you've been having lately, and you're considering trying to turn this into a long-term relationship, pause for a sec and consider all the things that a serious relationship involves besides sex.

Things like emotionally supporting each other through problems, being proud of each other's accomplishments, compromising on important issues, and going on long, annoying vacations with your partner's family without ever screaming "You are all human garbage! It's a lot of work, and work that is not necessarily worth engaging in with someone you're not actually that invested in.

In many of such cases, people feel rejected after this type of breakup.

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The impending end of the summer means more than just fading tans, back-to-school sales, and the imminent return of pumpkin spice lattes.

But there are a number of easy-to-overlook factors that often reveal whether you guys will end up overjoyed or totally annoyed if you try to make a real go of it.

So if you're pondering whether you should stick around, think on the five factors below.

It's easy to imagine you could take a pass on good sex forever, just because you like your honey so much. if you’re not sexually compatible, then you’ve got a ticking time-bomb hidden, waiting to blow your relationship apart."In most relationships, if you're hopelessly sexually incompatible, you've generally got a ceiling on how far things can go.

Which sucks once some time has passed, and you realize that 1. So unless you're beyond enamored of one another, it's probably best to let a sexually incompatible short-term relationship end naturally.The biggest reason that it takes so long to move on after such a relationship is expectations.When you meet someone after long time who completely swipes you off your feet, it’s hard to not build up expectations in your mind.For many of you, it might also mean assessing whether your summer fling has real-deal, serious long-term relationship potential.Which is way more than just wishful thinking — while plenty of summer flings run their course and leave you with nothing but festive memories and a vague tingly sensation whenever you think about that time behind the grilled cheese booth at Coachella, many serious relationships start off as casual encounters.However, if nothing else works, you can try to get your ex girlfriend back.

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