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Seeing as they both went to Key West with the plans of crashing the same wedding, they become fast friends and partners in crime during their week-long stay. Not only are they extremely attracted to each other physically but they also have the same wacky sense of humor and enjoy trying to one-up each other with their attempts to tell embarrassing stories about one another to anyone they cross paths with.

I can’t even count how many times I laughed out loud while reading this book. Intense sexual desire starts to build between Beck and Rylee but Rylee keeps putting on the brakes whenever they get too close to losing control.

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She's never had casual sex and she knows that just one time with Beck will put her heart in jeopardy.

But Beck is so skilled at the art of seduction that eventually Rylee has no other choice but to give in because she knows if she doesn’t spend at least one night between the sheets with him then it will be the biggest regret of her life.

Rylee Ryan is a successful romance writer who has been plagued by the dreaded ”writer’s block” and winds up on a trip to Key West when her best friend convinces her that seeing couples in love at a romantic locale might be just what she needs to get back her creative juices.

She wasn’t looking for an island fling but when she meets Beck during a very awkward and embarrassing moment, there is no denying the sparks that are flying between them.

John Beckwith: And then of course you can challenge the Klingons for interstellar domination.

Vince Vaughn is fantastic and probably one of my favorite comedy actors.He’s the man who makes an indelible impression on your heart. I am without a doubt one seriously huge fan of Meghan Quinn!Steamy romantic comedies with cocky and sinfully sexy Heroes are my weakness and Ms. Ever since I read her ”Binghamton” series I’ve become addicted to this author’s writing!They were phenomenal together, I loved them as a couple and their story was so riveting to read. I wasn’t sure what would happen in their relationship next, heck they both didn’t want anything more than a weekend fling and the fact that they live on opposite sides of the country :-(( But this book was like getting a few stories rolled into one. It’s sweet, sexy, emotional, and a highly entertaining fun read you don’t want to miss.*****4.5 STARS*****He’s the man who sets the bar unbelievably high so no one will ever reach it.She’s adventurous, funny, beautiful, and she is looking to live her life and to have fun, leave the past in the past.

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