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But she soon feels an overwhelming urge and has a rendezvous with a man she met through an online dating site. Mochizuki Nobuo cannot resist secretly consulting colleagues who know Nobuo and Aya about how he should deal with this. Meanwhile, Aya is ambushed by a man whom she met through an online dating site in the past and forced into a relationship again.

When the two of them see each other, they are both lost for words. And then, and incident happens that plunges Nobuo in hell. Characters Tamayama Tetsuji as Tachiki Nobuo The deputy editor of a monthly literary magazine called Story File.

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He is extremely busy and hardly goes back to the home he bought in the suburbs but he and his wife Aya are deeply in love and live a happy married life.

Aya was a model for a female magazine and became a helper at a home for the elderly after marriage.

She takes on Tachiki Aya’s counselling but has a hard time with the very difficult treatment.

She seems smart and cool but actually has a secret which appears to be due to the darkness of her mind.

You think you have lost the girl of your dreams, the one you thought was the girl for you. Its particularly hard to handle if you know its mostly your fault that things went wrong.

Whatever the reasons there are some things you can do that will make getting back a girl almost a guarantee.Furuya Ikkou as Onoda Shiro An influential writer who wrote many pure love novels and created an era.But now the boom is over and it even is whispered in the industry that he is past his prime.Here are a few things you can do that should be able to help: 1. If you’re calling or texting her at all hours of the day and night …. This non – stop harassment is a bad idea for a couple of reasons.For one thing it lets her know that you are there in the background if things dont work out and no one want to be the ‘plan B’. Do the things you liked to do before that you might not have had time to do when you and your ex were together. A word of caution though, if you want to get your ex back do not go around hitting on anything in a skirt.His private life is a mystery but he actually has a big darkness in his mind which has caused long-term alcohol abuse.

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