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The first person tried to distill the music down to one note and as a result, he neglected the rest.

However, the second person realized that “D” was the overarching theme and yet he incorporated all the other notes so that something more beautiful resulted.

The first looks at the piece and after studying concludes, “The note “D” seems to be predominate.” Then he walks over to the piano and strikes a “D” on the piano.

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Evangelicals and other kinds of Protestants in their commendable zeal often distill the writings of Saint Paul to such an extent that they miss the complexities and nuances of the Apostle.

This is especially the case when it comes to Saint Paul’s doctrine of salvation.

However, notice that salvation has a purpose in this life.

We are “created in Christ Jesus for good works…that we should walk in them.” Paul is opposed to certain persons trying to earn salvation through works without faith, but he finds no tension between faith and good works once faith has been established in the Christian.

In fact, Paul expects that good works will necessarily grow up as the fruits of faith.

Remember that Saint Paul, like the Catholic Church, finds salvation through “faith working through love” and not through “faith alone”.

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