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I have grown very close with my coworkers and feel like there is a strong sense of community within the company.Effective Management- My managers always push me to take initiative and be creative, while providing all of the support (and incentive) I need along the way.

But as work picked up ("I was working 60 hours a week," he said), he had less time to date online.

"I found a writer on Craigslist and paid him to send my messages for me," said Valdez. When I saw he was doing a good job, I'd have him handle the back and forth.

She did a few awful things that we didn't even think imaginable and will not include in our response here.

The audacity of her review after she did such shameful things is astounding.

They have always been clear about their expectations of me and given me the tools I need to meet them.

Amazing earning potential- I have found that an employee's earnings at Virtual Dating Assistants directly correlates with the effort they put in.That's where online dating coaches have stepped in."The reality is that most people are doing everything wrong," said Scott Valdez, founder of Virtual Dating Assistants.The positive of working with this reviewer is that we learned our lesson the hard way, and we are much more cautious when hiring our Account Managers.We even updated our training method to prevent another situation like this in the future. We wish the reviewer the best of luck in her endeavors, and hope that she finds a job where she is a better fit.This particular employee was extremely judgmental (her remark regarding Indian and East Indian clients reveals a lot about her attitude).

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