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The main component of the proposal will be a highly illuminated mixed-use volume called The Beacon, which houses a hotel, railway offices, and a conference center.

The new infrastructure of Switch Space addresses these changing landscapes, bridging rural spaces with urban centers, connecting agricultural economies with health care and education, and considering how high-speed rail and its supporting infrastructures can work together to connect and preserve the Midwestern landscape.

The Sacramento – San Joaquin Delta located east of the San Francisco Bay in Northern California, has long been an important resource providing agricultural and recreational uses, wildlife habitat, infrastructure pathways, and water supply services throughout the state.

Compared to 20th-century infrastructure, the new high-speed rail network will allow people to travel far greater distances in a greatly reduced amount of time.

This phenomenon can be described as an expansion of the realm of daily life, or rather, a shrinkage of the perceived scale of the entire Midwest region.

Featured here are the 10 winning entries and 10 honorable mentions selected by Van Alen Institute staff, fellows and Life at the Speed of Rail advisory committee. The Effect of High-Speed Rail on Six Lives proposes an ad campaign aimed at the high-speed rail public.

In addition to being exhibited here, these entries will be presented as part of four regional dialogues held in Washington, D. By demonstrating the diverse set of people who could benefit from HSR, the project reminds us how personal transportation really is.

The rural / urban connections extend to its economy as well.

Ohio exports many agricultural products, but its economy is shifting to export wind energy and polymers, biotechnology, health care and education.

Although it is vast and flat, the Midwest is deceptively urban.

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