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"Our energy system is one of the biggest sources of climate pollution.

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The red tape of the bureaucratic process has heavily delays much needed projects and new technologies from being implemented, at least around where I've been working.

I've stayed around specifically to gain new expertise and skills with those new technologies, but with the delays, cancellations and the inability to improve processes have felt like an empty promise and I haven't been able to accomplish much.

” Including only the qualifications that meet this criteria is the best way to feature top qualities and stand out to recruiters.

For the interns, we decided that while they are establishing their roles and experiences in their college career, including only the high school accomplishments that are significant and transferable to their next roles was a good step.

We also advised them to include experiences that highlights their technical knowledge and valuable competencies, like flexibility or cultural awareness, that are highly sought after by employers, but not always formally taught in school.

This was just one of the resume tips we discussed, and GHFP-II offers even more guidance during outreach and on the program website.

I'd ask to let technical teams be more free to choose and implement solutions and determine on their own how to meet business needs, rather than business teams trying to dictate and micromanage what technical teams can and can't do.

And please make Devops principles a push that the business-side is also aligned with.

So I can't recommend this place for someone relatively young like me to find career growth without doing so on my own time.

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