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Please note that all Epicor Epi XXX controls have a default property called “Use App Styling” if this property is set to true the control ignores any appearance changes because it assumes you want to load the default theme from the environment.

Control to get a hold of the Epi XXX (Epi Text Box, Epi Combo,etc..) object and then set the Appearance as you normally would.

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Application(); object outlook Application = interop Assembly.

Application Class"); Type outlook Application Type = interop Assembly.

Once you’ve figured this out, you can use the public property .

Please watch the companion video if you want more details. Input Name is an object called Input Control Value Bound which contains a reference to a “Control” and the value of said control.

Put this code in your On Change , On Leave event // ************************************************** // Custom code for Abc Code Form // Created: 12/18/2013 PM // ************************************************** using System; using System.

This property needs to be set to false in order to allow the appearance changes to take effect. Size = New Size(100, 20) offset = offset 30 Next Put it in a loop, including the new statement but varing the position.This can be accomplished by establishing a session on the VB/C# application and creating an instance of the Import EDI process as shown below. It is worth noting that because of the way that the configurator editor is written there are parts of the configurator which do not have access to the Infragistics controls / dlls. Below is the code which when excecuted on field change will change the appearance of the given input control to have a red background. In this case I had to import the following DLLs My export function is 100% driven by the reflection library and its fairly tough to understand if you are not familiar with it, I’ve done my best in the comments to explain it but its not easy so follow along if you can. This was an unusual request and it took a few minutes to figure it out. In my example I will be printing a Packing Slip but this can be done with any report as long as you can trace it, simply replicate what the trace does with the appropriate DLLs.

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