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Validate these page views as well to make sure you cover all the template files.Validation errors aren't limited to your template files. When you are writing a post and using HTML, Word Press might not recognize the HTML and convert it to a character entity, or you may have entered it wrong.

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If you have a page with a lot of HTML coding, validate it to make sure you have it all correct.

And occasionally check random posts to make sure everything is still okay from time to time as part of your general housekeeping.

The study examined several US populations, concluding that poor sleep habits had a substantial impact on health, wellness and occupational performance.

By extending sleep from 6 to 8 hours per night, researchers saw improved academic performance, especially memory consolidation, which improves learning capacity. Shattuck, Panagiotis Matsangas, and Jeff Dyche Download research paper This report by CDC found that sleeping less than the recommended 7 hours a night led to as much as a 50% increase in difficulty performing daily tasks.

Validating a website is the process of ensuring that the pages on the website conform to the norms or standards defined by various organizations.

Validation is important, and will ensure that your web pages are interpreted in the same way (the way you want it) by various machines, such as search engines, as well as users and visitors to your webpage.That also means that it will be accessible to more people, across more web browsers and operation systems.Having an accessible website is also regarded as good web design practice.The study concluded that fatigue models, such as the SAFTE Fatigue Model, are a reliable predictor of fatigue impairment and performance. Validation and Calibration of a Fatigue Assessment Tool for Railroad Work Schedules Steven R. Flight Attendant Work/Rest Patterns, Alertness, and Performance Assessment: Field Validation of Biomathematical Fatigue Modeling Peter G. Validation of the Fatigue Science Readiband™ Actigraph and Associated Sleep/Wake Classification Algorithms Russell, C. Player fatigue due to increasingly demanding travel and game scheduling was singled out for the worsening reaction times and judgment.Comparison of Mathematical Model Predictions to Experimental Data of Fatigue and Performance Hans P. Van Dongen – Journal of Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine Download research paper The SAFTE Fatigue Model was developed and extensively studied under the extreme conditions encountered by subjects in the US military. Declining Plate Discipline during the Major League Baseball Season May be the Result of Fatigue Scott Kutscher, Yanna Song, Lily Wang, Raghu Upender, Beth Malow — American Academy of Neurology Visit resource A study that looked at 80 MLB players found that higher levels of sleepiness significantly decreased the likelihood the athlete would remain in the league three seasons later. This study compared SAFTE Alertness Scores against the more commonly understood effects of alcohol impairment. Franzone Jr – US Do T, Federal Railroad Administration Download research paper It has been scientifically proven that workplace safety is compromised when people are fatigue impaired. Nesthus – US Do T, Federal Aviation Administration Download research paper The wrist-worn Readiband is able to objectively determine human sleep and wake periods using the sophisticated technology of actigraphy. These athletes performed better and reported decreased feelings of tension, anger and confusion during practices and games. Thoughtful scheduling can ensure elite athletes are performing at their peak when it really counts.

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