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In some stores, the fraud rates were slashed by up to 100%.Discover more benefits by visiting our case study page on ORANGE​.​It can be delivered as a standalone application or a software development kit (SDK) that integrates into a proprietary or third-party system.​Discover our latest document reader​ portfolio for banks and retail, hotels and casinos in addition to border control.Our document checking solution also addresses the needs of the private sector (telecoms, currency exchange, money transfer, post offices​, car rental companies and more).

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If the fraud is perpetrated only in order to recover a genuine loss and does not affect the insurer’s ultimate liability, then the policyholder will still be able to recover their losses.

If the fraud is sufficiently serious to: then the firm will be able to "forfeit" the policy (refuse to pay the claim or provide any future cover).

We do not generally believe it is fair or reasonable for insurers to "avoid" policies retrospectively in cases of fraud.

The following are a few summaries of insurance cases involving fraud that we have dealt with recently. In January, his home was burgled and he made a claim under his home insurance policy, which the firm duly paid.

To this end, the fraud affected the firm’s ultimate liability and was a fundamental breach of contract.

Having applied that rationale, we decided that the firm had been entitled to "forfeit" the policy from the date of the claim. This alerted the firm’s loss adjusters to the possibility of fraud, since at the time of the burglary the films in question had not been released on DVD.December 2004/January 2005 In issue 41 we set out our approach to some aspects of insurance fraud, concentrating on "immaterial" fraud and the remedies available to the insurer.Among the key points we set out, we noted that although a policyholder has a duty to act in "" that a fraud has taken place.It was not entitled to recover previous payments for valid claims.Miss J made a claim under her general household policy for "escape of water" damage.Once again, we applied the principles of "" case (see case 42/3).

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