Valentines day ideas for dating couples

The phrase "Treat yo' self" became a mantra for self-love thanks to the beloved NBC sitcom "Parks and Recreation." It's a simple idea: Do whatever you know will make you feel happy for one day. There's no better choice in town than Molly's Cupcakes, 14 S. They have Valentine's Day specials as well as many different flavors.

If we follow the first episode of "Parks and Rec" that mentions the self-love day, three things are required: cupcakes, mimosas, shopping. Mimosas may not be on the menu for dinner, but any good brunch venue or bar —The Bluebird Diner, Pullman, Atlas, Leaf Kitchen and others — will definitely make you one if you ask nicely.

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Musician and actor Donald Glover called it "beautiful," while Grinnell College graduate and Oscar-nominated screenwriter Kumail Nanjiani said. It's goal: Celebrate all the gal pals in a woman's life. Big Grove will have a Galentine's Day party filled with fizzy cocktail specials, waffle fries and a woman-dominated music selection.

"I’ve never seen a superhero movie like it." "Black Panther" will be shown at 7 and p.m. Big Grove Iowa City is celebrating Galentine's Day with a party perfect for all the friends a woman could have. The party is free, but food and drinks will have to be paid for.

Vicky Krieps stars as “Alma” and Daniel Day-Lewis stars as “Reynolds Woodcock” in writer/director Paul Thomas Anderson’s PHANTOM THREAD, a Focus Features release.

Credit : Laurie Sparham / Focus Features The real reason why couples should see this at p.m.

Diners will have a choice of lamb with pistachio or brown butter scallop dish for their third course. Other Iowa City favorites like Pullman, Clinton Street Social Club and Rapid Creek Cidery are also hosting Valentine's dinners, but menus have yet to be announced.

Be sure to call ahead and make sure there's still room for you and your date.Wednesday at Film Scene —the only theater in the Iowa City showing the movie — is because it tackles all the less sexy things romantic movies hardly ever address when it comes to love: obsession, dominance, power dynamics and the ways one must change to truly let someone they love into their lives.The day after the holiday is when we film fanatics will be getting our true Valentine's Day gift: the wide release of Marvel's latest superhero flick "Black Panther." Not only is the latest Marvel movie centered around a black superhero, Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther, but it's directed and written by Ryan Coogler, known for acclaimed films "Fruitvale Station" and "Creed." Though film critic reviews of the latest blockbuster have yet to be released, those who saw it at the premiere are singing its praises. Another holiday tradition made by the NBC sitcom "Parks and Rec," Galentine's Day has evolved from a singular episode of the comedy to an unofficial holiday celebrated the day before Valentine's Day.They have containers so you can take ice cream home with you."Phantom Thread" isn't your mother's classic movie romance, but something twisted, subtly funny, but still beautiful.Probably my favorite Valentine's tradition in Iowa City is the conversation heart sugar cookies made at Deluxe.

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