V n aginsky dating and characterizing writing

The Judge agreed with the findings and opinions on the dating and alterations to the documents and found in favor of our client, Exxon.

Link to text version (transcript) of FACTS AND CONCLUSIONS OF LAW Link to pdf version of official copy FACTS AND CONCLUSIONS OF LAW The ink dating of a document was at issue in the patent case in Texas.

Julie Howenstine, and Michael Sinke were retained in a case over the movie rights to “The Last Samurai”.

(2001) Revelant page 29 Client: Soka Gakkai – Tokyo, Japan and Barry Langberg – Los Angeles, CA Opposing Unsuccessful Expert: Yutaka Okuda Niken Vs Soka Opinion Of Court In Tokyo Unsuccessful Daubert Challenge in Illinois Court to accelerated aging, Ink Dating, and statistical analysis with well spelled out reasoning by judge. Client: Altheimer & Gray, Brian Ellis – Chicago, Illinois Opposing Unsuccessful Experts: Robert Kuranz, Dr. Valery Aginsky Transcript of a Portion of Judge’s Opinion Accepting Methods with his Reasoning Daubert challenge in Federal Court to Ink Dating and Accelerated Aging Evidence was admitted and formed a partial basis for summary judgment.

See Relevant Page Client: Attorney General’s Office – State Of New York Summary Judgement and Opinion of Federal Judge Daubert & Kumho Tire challenge in Federal Court Trial to Ink Dating and Accelerated aging.

The Federal Judge in New York ruled the methods were scientifically reliable and allowed the evidence to be presented to the jury. Valery Aginsky Link to text version – Judge’s Opinion Link to pdf version – Judge’s Opinion Please contact us if you are interested in the entire transcript or the preparation bundle and outline created by Speckin Forensic Laboratories to assist Attorney’s in this type of hearing.

Superior Court in Los Angeles County California grants terminating sanctions for, in part, altering documents submitted to the court.

Testimony of Erich Speckin was presented involving Photocopy Manipulation, Alteration, and Page Substitution which was relied on, agreed with, and used as a basis by the Judge.

Relevant Pages 14-18 Client: O’ Melveny Meyers, Daniel Petrocelli, Justin Goldstein and Walt Disney Company – Los Angeles, CA Opposing Unsuccessful Experts: Too many to list but including A.Link to text version – Civil Minutes Link to Court Document – 2012-02-14 Order on MSJ and Sanctions Speckin Forensics was retained to perform a handwriting examination on a contract to determine if the signature examination disclosed that the signature was genuine and not a forgery. Link to text version – Arbitration: Chicago Bakery Same Day Seniority Arbitration Award Link to pdf version – Arbitration: Chicago Bakery Same Day Seniority Arbitration Award Erich Speckin and Robert Kullman were retained to examine several documents for handwriting and to detect alterations to documents.Ink dating was also performed on the documents to determine the age of the ink using accelerated aging and rate and percent extraction methods.Fingerprints were also processed from the envelopes and letters.After submission of the forensic reports the client was awarded summary judgment in their favor.(2001) Client: Jeff Miller – Lyon & Lyon (Now Orrick) – San Jose, California Opposing Unsuccessful Expert: Dr.

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