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That’s precisely why they are so useful: they take our minds off the problems of the here and now and offer us a grander vision of what there is to aim for.

The news is the most powerful and prestigious force in contemporary society, replacing religion as the touchstone of authority and meaning.

Calling an idea ‘utopian’ is normally a way of saying it’s pie-in-the-sky and not worth paying attention to. Throughout the ages, a number of philosophers have put forward some highly provocative and interesting utopias, describing ideal arrangements of everything from schools to religion, government to holidays.

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It is usually the first thing we check in the morning and the last thing we consult at night. The news does its best to persuade us we must keep up with its agenda – but to what end?

What are the ghastly, wondrous, thrilling, destructive, bitter stories for?

News would not simply have the job of keeping us up to speed about anything unusual (or horrific) that happened since the last bulletin.

It wouldn’t occasionally claim it was trying to keep the powerful in check (however important this aim).

By now, the dust has settled from Black Friday, which in the US marks the post-Thanksgiving kickoff to the Christmastime consumer frenzy.

It’s when Apple products, Legos, and cashmere scarves replace turkey, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie.

A little thing that makes a big difference to a woman’s career. Jenni Avins muses on how important it is to have recognition that one is doing good work, and how a systematic failure to recognize women’s achievements has harmed their progress at workplaces.

This week, Actuality slips into some fast fashion and learns how it pushes your brain’s buttons to make you buy.

But we’ve never domesticated anything as quickly as salmon, and as Matthew Berger explains in Nautilus, the re-mixing of farmed salmon—which never has to migrate or leap up rivers—with its wild cousins could have strange and potentially catastrophic effects on them. Frank Rich argues in New York magazine that Trump’s lies and clowning have exposed the hollowness of American politics, and will thus force a reset.

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