Updating vmware tools without reboot

In doing some testing I found that if I initiated the VMware Tools upgrade from the v Sphere Client it would mount and run setup correctly, but if initiated from Update Manager it would do nothing.The problem is caused by a Windows service called Interactive Services Detection, explained nicely in this blog post on MSDN.The ADM template files are deprecated and ADMX template files are added.

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If you select “View the message” you are brought to the desktop of session 0 and will then be able to proceed with the VMware Tools install.

Unfortunately this only pops up automatically if you are using a 32-bit OS.

For more information about the HCI plug-in installer, see the VMware Knowledge Base (KB) article 2149400, Horizon Client Information Plug-In.

For information about new features in Horizon Client 4.4, including resolved and known issues, see the Horizon Clients Documentation page.

If you are using a 64-bit OS, such as Server 2008 R2, you will need to manually start the Interactive Services Detection service to see the above dialog.

If you do nothing at all, the VM will sit there perpetually waiting for you to allow the installer to proceed.

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For the documentation, see the Documentation Center for VMware Horizon 7.

I found a relatively simple way around this issue – set your VMware Tools service to start as a user with rights to the server instead of Local System.

This allows the install to occur in Session 1 (a user session) and the install proceeds as expected.

And although not pretty the above does work as a workaround until it is resolved.

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