Updating ubuntu to intrepid

if not, we have to install the X compositing manager. If you see the following image, then your computer does not support Compiz.

updating ubuntu to intrepid-81

I got tired of ext3 a year ago, switched over to reiserfs, and that was super fast, jfs is even faster and way more stable.

Recently I installed a HUGE batch up updates to my Intrepid installation (not the 100 from tonight, but the one from four or five days ago, which was something like 280 for my install).

You can now see your dashboard in action by pressing F9. Install startupmanager by clicking here or type the following command in the terminal:sudo apt-get install startupmanager Go to . Refer to the below screenshots on how each file looks like. Back to the main window, select the image from the drop down bar. There is a bug in Ubuntu Intrepid that prevent the user from changing the usplash screen. Here’s the hack for it: Remove the default usplashsudo apt-get autoremove usplash Download these two files to your desktop:libsplashy1_0.3.10-1_i386splashy_0.3.10-1_i386Double-click the downloaded files to install.

Until now, your desktop should be very close to a Mac desktop, but there are still some small details such as the Gnome icon at the top panel, mouse cursor etc. Download the osx-splash splashy theme file to your Home folder.

If you have not installed Screenlets, click here to install.

If you have not installed Compiz Configuration Settings Manager, click here to install.# export GNOMENU_FUN=1 # Uncomment to disable global menu.# export GNOMENU_DISABLED=1 # Uncomment to print a lot of debugging messages # export GNOMENU_VERBOSE=1 # Uncomment to save the debugging messages to the given file.If you find that it does not work after following the instructions below, you may want to try out Cairo dock that is less demanding on the machine.)The AWN dock requires a compositing manager to work.If your system supports Compiz, it will be able to run AWN as well.# export GNOMENU_LOG_FILE=/tmp/# uncomment to disable the plugin for specific programs.

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