Chat free joy myself sex - Updating plugins for indesign cs2

This time In Design came back with all its bells and whistles, at least as far as I can tell. I have the same problem as the original poster in that my Indesign CS2 can not open files as it maintains that plug-ins are missing.I am fairly new to Macs and Indesign, can someone talk me through exactly how should uninstall?Someone at the Adobe forum suggested I have a severely corrupted installation of CS, and said I should do a complete uninstall, including removing preferences.

Also, when I open the program, all I get is the program menu, no palettes, and there aren't even any help files.

Recently I tried to open a document sent to me by someone, and it said the document couldn't be opened because the features required were on a CD or other media not available - something about missing plugins.

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The program is unuseable this way - what on earth could be wrong with it?

The first issue, trying to open a document and getting a message about missing plugins sounds like the file they sent you was created with a more recent version of Indesign, most likely CS2. When you say that you only have the 'program menu', do you mean you have: File, Edit, Layout, Type, Object, Table, View, Window, Help?

If so, have you tried going to Window and turning individual pallettes on?

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