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The user may regain access to the account without interruption when he or she receives a CAC equipped with the same type code of persona. Deleted accounts will be in the system for a total of 120 days.

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With this, it will be possible to maintain a client-side cope of any user’s Outlook mailbox while also synchronizing the copy with DEE automatically.

This will allows users of maintaining optimal responsiveness even in the presence of various network conditions.

If you need help with common Do D Enterprise Email Issues, check out the DISA Enterprise Collaboration Management User FAQ or the Do D Enterprise FAQ Page.

Additional information on the Enterprise Email Migration can be found here.

The delegate accessibility is provided to the users, allowing them to access other users of managing and viewing emails and calendars.

Delegation includes the ‘Send on Behalf’ permission capability.

3) Mail Sanitization DEE utilizes EMSG, which stands for Electronic Mail Security Gateway, specifically for email traffic. 4) Auto-discover Exchange Auto-discover allows users of setting up profiles when these users sign in using their DEE accounts that are obtainable through the Outlook Web Access.

5) Cached Exchange Mode DEE will be operating in Cached Exchange Mode.

DEE has the capability of maintaining accounts for both personas when required.

9) Global Address List Accessibility to GAL is possible.

6) Do D Personas Enterprise Services provided by DISA will receive authoritative data originating from a centralized source.

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