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You can also add markers, polylines, ground overlays and info windows to your map.

So I have decided to expand the list, and include some of the other solutions that have cropped up since the original posting, and some upcoming that look interesting.

Please note, that there is no official solution for developing for the i Phone SDK on Windows (and it’s doubtful there ever will be).

Then you send them your uncompiled source which they compile and you download the compiled i OS application file.

You upload your code for compiliation on their server (as long as you have the Ultimate edition).

My suggestion is that you are really set on windows i Phone development and rdon’t even want to buy a Mac Mini is that you create your app using an html/javascript solution such as Phonegap/Appcelerator or the Airplay SDK and then find someone with a Mac and hit them up to do the submission for you.

Airplay SDK is the only free solution for creating high performance i Phone/i Pad games using Windows.

Let me repeat that there is no real i OS SDK Windows edition — and most certainly not any official options despite what the marketing material of some vendors might tell you.

If you see a vendor posting false information suggesting their solution is an official Windows i Phone developer SDK then I suggest staying away.

1) Flash CS5.5 – Has become a very good solution with the Flash i Phone Packager.

The packager for i OS allows you to compile apps on the windows platform.

You can use the Flash builder, but there are currently some performance limitations – a new edition is coming out soon.

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