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EDIT: Update : The first two posts in this thread provide some basics. Some people with older Nuvis are already finding that the new versions won't fit because there is not enough internal memory.

These don't apply exactly to all Garmin units and things change as newer units are introduced. When you use Mapsource or Map Install to load maps onto a Garmin navigation device, the name of the map file will be GMAPSUPP. That will be its name, no matter what map product(s) you include in it. For this reason, you cannot "add" map segments to a map file you have already loaded to your device with Mapsource or Map Install. There is no way to make it look for other names that you might prefer. Aside from the fact that your device insists that those are the names it wants and they must be spelled that way, exactly, it will use either one and it doesn't care what is in them as long as it is valid map data.

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There are some other map file names that your device might or might not recognize. At some point you may find that the next version won't fit on your device.

If you have not also installed them onto your PC so you can reload them with Mapsource or Map Install, you're going to be in trouble. New subdivisions that weren't there before, additional POIs, and a whole bunch of other things that may have been added since the last version.

Before you start you will need to visit Garmin’s website and download the If your device is not already showing, click on “Find Device”.

As you can see from the picture bellow it has found my Astro 320 Unit (If you are updating a Garmin Alpha it will show Alpha 100 and your Unit ID).

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I have tried using internet explorer but I can't download GPX files to garmin gps.

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If you have trouble finding the map files on your unit, please read down through the other messages in this thread for more current information on map file naming and map file locations to be sure you find something that will apply to your specific unit. On a Garmin navigation device with preloaded maps, the name of the main map file will be GMAPPROM. That will be its name, no matter what map product you have. Whenever you use Mapsource or Map Install to load maps, the new one will automatically overwrite the old one. You have to start fresh and include everything you want in the new map file. You cannot change those map file names to something else that you like better.

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